A 3D HNCO experiment for two HNCO-spin systems

Pulse Program: HNCO3D (from Bruker) modified to replace selective shaped pulses on carbon with hard pulses.
Spin System:

consists of two isolated sets of 1H-15N-13CO systems,
with chemical shift positions defined as shown above and the
scalar couplings set to: 1H-15N = 92Hz; 15N-13CO = -15Hz

Graph-representation of the Spin Setup:

Experimental Parameters:

td1=16 (15N), td2=32 (13C), td3=32 (complex) (1H)

3D-Data Processing Window:

The resulting 3D spectrum:

A 3D-cube representation of the spectrum:

2D-projections on the 1H-13C and 1N-15N planes:

Examples of 2D-slices (1H-15N planes) through the cube:

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