The prototype version of the Virtual NMR Spectrometer was designed and developed by Vladislav Ruchinsky, Peter Nicholas, and David Fushman, with the advice and support from David Cowburn.

The program has been completely redesigned by Konstantin Berlin and David Fushman.
The pulse-program translator was written by Vladislav Ruchinsky.

Program testing and evaluation was performed in the lab by Nishant Merchant, Aydin Haririnia, Charles Geraghty, Jennifer Hall, Olivier Walker, and by numerous ALPHA-testers worldwide.

Special thanks to Ulrich Guenther (U.Frankfurt) for help in dealing with data conversion from Bruker and to Frank Delaglio (NIH) for help with data conversion to NMRPipe.

Supported by grants from the Camille & Henry Dreyfus Foundation and from the National Science Foundation (both to D.F).