Making start file for VNMR

This is a start file that contains all necessary information about the location of your VNMR directrory on you hard drive. This file sets Matlab path to your VS-directory and navigates Matlab to this directory.

Windows users:

This file must be placed in the Matlab "Work" directory -- this directory is automatically created when you install Matlab. For example, if Matlab is installed in the directory C:\Matlabr12 on you C-drive, then the Work directory will be at C:\Matlabr12\work. Follow these steps:

  1. Open any text editor (Matlab Editor that comes with Matlab would be your best choice, but you can also use Notepad, WordPad, and even MS Word -- in this case don't forget to save your file as a text document!) If you are using Matlab Editor, go to File/New/M-file on the command panel.

  2. Type the following lines:

    cd c:\MyMatlab\VS
    disp('VSNMR is ready to launch')

    This example assumes that you installed the VNMR package in the c:/MyMatlab/VS directory. If it is in a different directory, substritute "c:/MyMatlab/VS" in both lines here with the actual path to the VNMR directory.

  3. Save this file as e.g. vs_path.m in the Matlab "Work" directory (see above).
    NOTE that the extension .m is essential, otherwise Matlab will not recognize this file. If you used Matlab Editor, and selected the M-file option (see above), the file will automatically be saved as a *.m file. If you used Notepad, WordPad etc, the file was most likely saved with the extension .txt. You will have to use the Windows tools to rename it (to .m) so that the file has the right extension.

  4. When you start the Matlab session next time, type vs_path (or your choice of the name of the start-file) after the Matlab prompt. IF everything went well, you should see the following message on your screen:

    VSNMR is ready to launch

  5. Type vsnmr to start VNMR.

UNIX / LINUX users:
  1. If you are starting Matlab from your VS directory, skip the next step and go to step 3.

  2. Find where the Matlab package was installed on your machine. There should be a file called startup.m. Open this file with any text editor and append to it the following lines:

    cd /vsdir
    disp('VSNMR is ready to launch')

    Here you have to replace /vsdir with the actual path to your VS directory (e.g. ~yourname/MyMatlab/VS). If everything is done right, next time you start Matlab, it will automatically go to your VS directory, and you should see the following meessage on your screen:

    VSNMR is ready to launch

  3. Now you can type vsnmr to start VNMR.

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