The Virtual NMR Spectrometer

is a software package for computer simulation of multichannel, multi-dimensional NMR experiments on user-defined spin systems. The program is designed (1) as a tool for developing new NMR experiments and for tuning and adjusting the experimental setup for existing ones and (2) as a useful aid for learning the general principles of magnetic resonance and contemporary innovations in NMR pulse sequence design.

Ver.3.5 is an beta-test version of the Virtual NMR Spectrometer. It is designed and distributed for program testing and development purposes only. This software package and all of the files in this archive are copyrighted by David Fushman, University of Maryland. When results obtained using this program are presented in lectures, publications or other similar occasions, a reference to the authors and the following paper is to be made:

Peter Nicholas, David Fushman, Vladislav Ruchinsky, and David Cowburn
"The Virtual NMR Spectrometer: a Computer Program for Efficient Simulation of NMR Experiments Involving Pulsed Field Gradients"
J. Mag. Res. 145, 262-275 (2000).

Supported by a special grant GS-00-005 from the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation and by NSF grant DBI0138000 (both to D.F.).