The Save Data Window

This window helps save the results of the current VNMR session.

  1. Save Type: Select what type of data to save. The choices are: all data, spin system, experimental setup parameters, or export to XWINNMR (Bruker) or NMRPipe.
  2. Edit Target Directory: This text edit window allows the user to type in the target directory to go to when using the change dir button (10).
  3. CANCEL button: Allows to cancel and exit the window without saving.
  4. SAVE button: Clicking on this button will save the selected data.
  5. BRUKER/XWINNMR data selection: These boxes are used for data selection for export to XWINNMR (see Interface to XWINNMR).
  6. Selected File: This edit box shows selected data file name and allows manual input of the file name and extension for data saving.
  7. Files in the current Directory: Shows the content of the current directory and allows file selection using mouse click. NOTE: only files with the extension vs1 are shown.
  8. Change Current Directory: Use this button to navigate in the directories displayed above it.
  9. List of Sub-Directories: Shows the list of subdirectories and the upper directory (..). Use this display window in conjunction with the Change Current Directory button (8) underneath it to navigate in the directory tree.
  10. Change Directory: Use this button and the text edit box to the right of it to navigate to the desired folder.
  11. Current Dir: Displays the name and path to the current directory.

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