Physical BioChemistry: CHEM 482

Section 0102

Spring 2004

Course meets in Chemistry 0119, MWF 9:00 am
Professor: David Fushman
Office: Room 1121 Agriculture/Life Sciences Surge Bldg (#296)
Office Hours: Wednesday, 2:00-3:30 pm



Required: Physical Chemistry by David W. Ball (on reserve in the Chemistry Library);
Physical Chemistry with Applications to the Life Sciences by David Eisenberg and Donald Crothers (will be on reserve on Monday, Feb 9).
Recommended: Principles of Physical Biochemistry by van Holde, Johnson & Ho;
Molecular Driving Forces by Dill & Bromberg;
Biophysical Chemistry by Cantor & Schimmel.
Reading and problems are either from Ball [DB] or from Eisenberg & Crothers [EC]
Click here to see a detailed tentative course schedule with tentative reading assignments.
Date Reading Problems
Monday 05/17 8:00 am FINAL EXAM Bring you calculator.
Friday 05/14 3pm-5pm: REVIEW SESSION, the same room  
05/10 Last class  
05/07 EC: Ch.13-1,2,3 EC: Ch.13, Pr. 1(a)-(e), 4-6
05/05   HW4&5 solutions are here
04/30 EC: Ch.12-1,2 (p.<522) DB: Probl. 14.5,14.7, finish your graded homeworks (HW4&5)
DB: Ch. 11.9-11; EC.10-6  
04/26 DB: Ch.11.7,8; EC: Ch.10-5, 10-7 (pp.456-458) DB: Pr. 11.32-36
04/23 DB: Ch.11.6-11.7 or EC: Ch.10-5 DB: Pr.11.23,11.27 + graded HW4&5 (click to download)
04/21 DB: Ch.11.2-5 or EC: Ch.10-4 DB: Pr. 11.10,11.11
04/19 THIRD EXAM, covers all material we have learned after the previous exam, including the Arrhenius equat ion. Bring your calculator
04/16 DB: Ch. 10.9,10.15. Prepare for the exam. Reading for Wed. Apr.21 (after the exam): EC: Ch.10-4.  
04/14 DB: Ch.10.9-10.13, EC:10-2,10-3. DB: Problems 10.40,45,50
04/12 DB: Ch. 10.5-10.8,10.14 DB: Problems 10.30,10.31,10.33,10.34
04/09 DB: Ch. 10.4-10.6, Ex.9.1 DB: Problems 10.15,19,23; Finish your graded HW3!
04/07 DB: Ch.10.1-10.3 DB: Problems 10.3,8,11,13
04/05 DB: Ch.9.8-9.11, also EC Ch.10-1 DB: Pr.9.24,25,29,36,37 + graded HW3 (click to download)
04/02 DB: Ch.9.2,9.3-9.7 DB: Pr.9.6-9.9,9.14,9.16
03/31 EC: Ch.6-16, 6-15. EC: Ex.6-9; Probl.14
03/29 EC: Ch.6-12 to 6-14 EC: Ex.6-10; Pr. 20,21,23
03/19 EC: 6-11.  
03/17 SECOND EXAM, covers all material we have learned after the previous exam, except for the Arrhenius equation. Bring your calculator
03/15 DB: Ch.20.5-20.7 Preparation for the exam
03/12 DB: Ch.20.4; EC: Ch.6-3,6-4 DB: Pr. 20.28; EC: Q:1-8, Pr:9,15,16
03/10 DB: Ch.20.1-20.3, Pay attention to Examples 20.2,,20.6 DB: Problems 20.2,,20.12,20.24; Finish your graded HW2!
03/08 EC: Ch.15-14; 7-17,7-18; 15-8,15-11 EC: p.742, Problems 3-8,10,11,20. A note on HW2: in problem 2 you can assume that the partial specific volume for ubiqitin is 0.73 cm3/g
03/05 EC: Ch.15-10 EC: Exs.15.12-15.14 + graded HW2 (click to download)
03/03 EC: Ch.15.1 - 15.6 EC: p.740, Qs: 6-9
03/01 EC: 15-1,15-5 EC: p.740, Qs. 1-5, p.741, Problems: 1a-c
02/27 DB: Ch.19.4 DB: Exs: 19.5,19.6, Pr:19.25
02/25 FIRST EXAM, covers all material we have learned so far except for kinetic theory of gases Bring your calculator. There will not be too many numerical problems, but for some of them you might need it.
02/23 Prepare for the exam. Reading for Fri Feb 27 (after the exam!): DB: Ch.19.1-19.3; EC: Ch.15-2 Prepare for the exam. Problems for Fri Feb 27 (again, NOT for the exam!): DB: Look up exercises 19.1-19.4; Problems 19.2,19.7
02/20 EC: Ch.14 Do problems that you missed before at the end of DB: Ch.17. EC: Ch.14.
02/18 EC: Ch.14: pp. 690-693. EC: p.694, Qns:11-14; Prs: 1e,f; 25,31. Exercises 14.10-14.12
02/16 EC: Ch.14.2, pp.689-691; Click here to get some notes on the Random-Walk model Finish your graded HW1!
02/13 EC: Ch.14.12  
02/11 EC: Ch.14.12, pp.686-689 EC: p.696, #21,30 + graded HW1 (click to download)
02/09 EC: Ch.14.11, Two copies of the EC book are now on reserve in the library p.694, #1a-d; p.695,#8; p.696, #16; Excercise 14-9
02/06 Ice-day; We have received 2 desk-copies of the EC book, they will be on reserve in the library starting Monday  
02 DB: Ch.18.7-18.8; EC: 14.8-14.11; DB book is now on reserve in the library, EC will be soon EC: p.694, Questions: 2-9; p.695, Problems: 3-5,7
02/02 DB: Ch.17.6-17.7 DB: Examples 17.4,17.5,17.6; Problems 17.33,17.34
01/30 DB: Ch.17.5,17.7 DB:17.18-17.20,17.24,17.25 + derive eqs relating A,G,p to partition fnctn
01/28 DB: Ch.17.1-4  
01/26 Snowday  
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