Biochemistry I: BCHM 461

Section 0101

Spring 2003

Course meets in Chemistry 1402, TuTh 8:00 am
Professor: David Fushman
Office: Room 1121 Agriculture/Life Sciences Surge Bldg
Office Hours: Thursday, 11:00am-12:00noon



Required: Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 3rd edition, by Nelson and Cox.
Recommended: The Absolute, Ultimate Guide to Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry,  3rd edition, by Osgood and Ocorr.
Publisher's web site:
Web Site for Protein Data Base:
Web sources of free software to view protein structures:
Web Site to download RasMol:
Web Site to download RasTop (Win):
All reading and problems are from Lehninger
Date Reading Problems
05/21:Final EXAM Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm, Room:CHEM 1402 Bring a calculator. Carbohydrates and drinking water might turn useful.
05/20:Review Time: 1-3pm Room CHEM 0115
05/13 note: Quiz #5 has already been graded you can email me to find out your grade on the quiz
05/13:Quiz #5 Ch.11: pp.363-371,376-377; Ch.12: pp.389-395. Quiz covers enzyme inhibition, carbohydrates, nucleic acids
05/08 Ch.10: pp.325-338 Ch.10 #2-4
05/06 Ch.9: pp.293-307 Ch.9 #1,2,5,10
05/01 Ch.8: pp.265-269  
04/29:Exam #3 Covers all material after the prev exam Bring a calculator
04/24 Ch.8: pp. 257-264 Prepare for the exam. Problem Set
04/22 Ch.8: pp.257-260, 273-275 Ch.8 #3,4,8,10
04/17 Ch.8: pp.247-257  
04/15:Quiz #4    
04/10 Ch.7: pp.215-221 Ch.7: #2-6
04/08 Ch.7: pp.210-215 Ch.7: #1; Finish your homework on protein structures
04/03 Ch7: pp.203-209 Homework: FAQs
04/01 Ch.7: pp.203-205  
03/20 Ch.6: pp.178-181,191-199 Homework (due 04/10); If you have problems unzipping the file, here are the individual PDB files for download: 1AAR_dry.pdb; 1CKA.pdb; 1BAK_6.pdb; gag1.pdb; GB.pdb
03/18:Exam #2 Covers all material after the prev.exam  
03/13 Ch.6: pp.166-177,182-188 Preparation for the exam. Solutions to quiz_2 and exam_1 are posted below
03/11 Ch.6: pp.159-169 Ch.6: #1-4; Protein structures for download
03/06:Quiz #2 Ch.5: pp.137-145,150-153 Ch.5: #15-17,
03/04 Ch.5: pp.134-137,146-149 Ch.5: #8,9,14,18
02/27 Ch.5: pp.130-134  
02/25:Exam #1 Covers all material studied so far Bring your calculator
02/20 Ch.5: pp. 126-130 Ch.5 #7-13
02/18 Class canceled -- snowstorm  
02/13: Quiz #1 Ch.5: pp. 115-126 Ch.5: #1-5 + Struct.& chem. properties of 20 amino acids
02/11 Ch.4: pp. 99-105 Ch.4: #5-9 + pH problem set.
02/06 Ch.4: pp. 82-99 Ch.4: #1-3 + pH problem set.
02/04 Refresh your memory: Ch.3. Ch.14: #1-6, 8-13
01/30 Ch.1; Ch.14: pp. 490-499, 501 Ch.14: #1-6, 8-13.
Quiz1 Quiz2 Quiz3 Quiz4 Quiz5
Exam # 1: Exam # 2: Exam # 3: Final Exam:
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Solutions: Solutions: Solutions: Solutions:
Problem1 All Problems All Problems  
Problem2   Scores before the Final  
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pH Problem Set (+ answers)

Solutions to pH Problem Set

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